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I have added 10 high quality pictures of Joe at the 2017 Weinstein Company And Netflix Golden Globes After Party. You can check them by clicking the thumbnails below.

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I have just added high quality pictures of Joe from last night’s Post Golden Globes Party hosted by Warner Bros. Pictures and InStyle. You can check them by clicking the thumbnails below.

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We have added 83 high quality screencaptures of Joe in the film “The Charnel House”, you can check them by clicking the thumbs below.

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Chance The Rapper and Joe Keery of Netflix’s breakthrough hit ‘Stranger Things’ are among the stars who have so far been confirmed to appear in director Austin Vesely’s debut feature film, SLICE. Over the weekend, Chance tweeted a short 19-second preview announcing the film, with the support/distribution of A24, the celebrated indie studio behind films like Ex Machina, American Honey and Spring Breakers, would be “in theaters 2017”. Other rumored actors include Zazie Beetz who has recently appeared in both FX’s ‘Atlanta’, and Netflix’s ‘Easy’ and Rae Gray of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and NBC’s ‘Chicago P.D.’

SLICE is directed by Vesely, the longtime collaborator of Chance, who has been behind almost everyone of the breakout star’s music video to-date, including the highly-praised “Sunday Candy”. Other Chicago-based creators that appear to have worked on the film include Elijah Alvarado and Nathan Salter. Brett Hays from Shatterglass is also a confirmed producer. The film apparently centers around a food delivery worker (Chance) who morphs into a werewolf and was shot over this past summer in Joliet, IL and throughout the Chicagoland area.

Following Vesely’s lively Twitter feed will surely give you a peek into the rollout process of the project moving forward. Just weeks after wrapping filming, Vesely had a working edit of the feature ready to go. It was, according to him, the end result of “long days sitting in a chair in my underwear, staring at a screen.” With the initial announcement being covered by everyone from Variety to the New York Times, the film will surely find more eyes sometime soon.



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There’s not many people in the world that I would get up at 5am in the morning to interview, but when the time arose to speak with Joe Keery (known to most as Steve from ‘Stranger Things’, and also Jean-Ralphio Saperstein’s supposed father), an early morning was worthwhile. He’s nothing but apologetic for getting me up early – “I’m so sorry to wake you up so early!” – and at the end of the interview instructs me to go back to bed.

For a 24-year-old, Keery is doing remarkably well for himself, balancing acting (as well as his role in ‘Stranger Things’, he’s also starred in ‘Empire’) and being in a band – he’s in a six-piece psychedelic group called Post Animal, who take inspiration from the Australian psych scene, think Tame Impala and Pond.

We spoke to Keery about his role as Steve in ‘Stranger Things’, his band Post Animal, as well as when he hopes to come to New Zealand…

“…[At ten I] wasn’t playing Dungeons & Dragons, but I was playing dice-games, like ‘Warhammer’ and ‘Lord Of The Rings’, like, roll the dice and move-the-painted-figure games…”

COUP DE MAIN: What’s your earliest musical memory, ever?
JOE KEERY: Hmmm, probably listening to Stevie Wonder with my Dad. At our old house, he would, it sounds kind of cheesy, but he would play a bunch of different albums, and Stevie Wonder is the one that I mostly remember – he’d just play it while he was making dinner. So, probably that.

CDM: At what age did your interest in music move from just listening, to musical creation?
JOE: I would say, probably in Middle School. I had a bunch of friends, like three or four guys, we would always– kind of all decided that we would start playing music around the same time and then all kind of learned what we wanted to play, and various types of music – we discovered our interests together. So, probably Eighth Grade [NZ Year 9] was when we started.

CDM: In photos and videos I’ve seen from old performances of Post Animal and your old band, The Stacks, you played drums, but in a recent live video you were playing guitar. Has this been a recent switch of instrument for you?
JOE: Yeah! So, it happened about, probably, a little over a year ago. One of our guys moved to New York for the Summer about a year ago, and we needed someone to fill in for guitar, and I had really been interested in playing guitar for the band for a really long time, so I did the switch for the Summer, and had a friend come – who I knew from school – named Wes [Toledo], to play the drums. We just liked it so much that we kept Wes, and then we basically had three guitars and one other guy on keyboard, and then a bass – but then we added another member as well, Javi [Reyes] as well. Now we’re stacked, we’re loaded with guitars. <laughs>

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New horror film The Charnel House concerns a long-abandoned slaughterhouse which has been transformed into an ultramodern apartment complex. What’s wrong with a little gentrification? That’s something the new residents find out as they are tormented by a dark secret that has been trapped in the building for more than 30 years.

A new clip has been release in which we can see Joe Keery. You can watch it below, enjoy!


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New details on the upcoming season of Stranger Things have been revealed today, 2 new actors have been casted also Joe Keery & Noah Schnapp both have been promoted to series regular, we hope you all hav grown to love Steve Harrington because now as a regular we can only expect to see a lot more of him, which might be bad news for all of the Nancy/Jonathan shippers out there but really good news to those of us who love him.


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We’re very excited to finally launch Joe Keery Network, your newest and best fan source for everything about the american actress Joe Keery. Here you will find news, photos, videos and everything else related to Joe and his band Post Animal, We’ve worked very hard on the site to have a good gallery, with pictures from all/most of his projects and only in the best quality available, We invite you to visit  our gallery with almost 2,000 pictures of Joe, make sure you follow us on twitter and bookmark us so you stay up-to-date with all of Joe’s current and future projects.

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On august 19th, ET sat down with Steve Harrington himself, actor Joe Keery, to chat about the incredible response the show has received, what he hopes for Steve in season two, and of course… #Justice4Barb.

ET: What was life like for you pre-Stranger Things?

Joe Keery: I went to DePaul University Theatre School in Chicago, Illinois. I graduated in 2014 and just started auditioning out there and booked this and shot it, and this all kind of came out.

What was it about this role that made you want to audition?

I read the script and I was like, “This is one of the best scripts I’ve ever read.” It was great. It was just an amalgamation of all these great movies that I really grew up loving, and they attached this really cool trailer that they cut together of all these source movies. I think it was pieces from Jaws and Goonies and Super 8, Stand by Me — they made this kind of trailer of what the vibe of it would be […] I guess that was when I was most excited about starting this.

Are you being recognized everywhere you go?

It’s been pretty wild, it’s been fun! One person at most places will at least give me a sort-of look.

You are still sort-of rocking the Steve hair.

I had the Steve sort-of hairdo before I did [Stranger Things]. People have always been like, “You’ve got a wild head of hair!”

How long does it take to get the Steve ‘do down?

We got it down to I think 30 minutes actually, towards the end. It was good. It was a lot of shampoo, and then we would blow dry it out and then hairspray it back and then they had to get the little curl going. It took kind of a while.

(Psst: Keery told us during our live Q&A below that he doesn’t use any product in his daily life)

We assume you’ve heard the comparisons to Jean Ralphio from Parks and Rec… and the theory Steve’s his father?

Yeah! That should be a whole spinoff, just me as Jean Ralphio’s dad. That would be a hell of a show.

What has been your favorite meme or reaction to the show that you’ve seen?

Someone edited a picture of me with no hair, totally bald! And also, the Barb mural. That’s so cool.

Did you anticipate the entire Internet would be talking about Barb and Steve?

It’s crazy! No, I didn’t really expect it at all. I went to set and saw some of the other stuff, but for the most part, I wasn’t around for everything that they shot and I didn’t see the show or anything before it came out. I was really pleasantly surprised. I sat down, watched it like everyone else. It was really cool.

So many celebs have tuned in. Was there anyone that shocked you?

The whole Stephen King tweet was the sickest ever. The Long Walk is a book he wrote a while ago, but I’ve read a couple times and I love it. I can’t even imagine being Matt and Ross Duffer. They were probably freaking out.



Let’s talk about the ending. What were your thoughts on Nancy going ‘Team Steve’?

I remember reading that. Me, Charlie [Heaton] and Natalia [Dyer] all sat down. We got the final scripts and we read it and I remember just being like, “What? Really?” I was pretty shocked.

But I think it’s a really interesting direction that they went in. They kind of built on this trope, at least for Steve’s character for the first half of the series — and then towards the last two or three episodes, they kind of turned this character around and it’s a refreshing take on the ’80s bully I guess.

Are you Team Steve or Team Jonathan?

First and foremost, I’m Team Barb.

What do you hope for Steve in season two?

I really like the whole, like what we were talking about, reversal at the end.

I’m interested to see [what happens] now that everybody knows what’s been going down with the whole supernatural elements, because Steve was in the dark until the end of episode eight. So the entire time, I was kind of playing catch up with all these other characters.

I’m just interested to see, now that everybody’s in on it, what happens now and where do we go from here?

And obviously, his relationship with Nancy as well. I think it’s what got him into the whole thing and I think he really cares about her.